„Steak Supply“ brandintos jautienos mėsainiai – STEAK SUPPLY

„Steak Supply“ brandintos jautienos mėsainiai

Meat cakes from ‘Steak Supply’
‘Imk’ buns
Big sweet onion
Cheddar cheese
Big naturally grown tomato
Few leaves of rucola
Mustard sauce

Chop onion in slices of centimetre thickness. Fry these slices in olive oil on medium heat.

Then prepare ‘Steak Supply’ aged beef meatballs – roast each side for 1.5-2 minutes.

Slice tomatoes, rucola leaves, prepare the mustard sauce.

And the last thing is to form a burger! Spread sauce on the preheated bottom bun, put meat cake, which also cover with sauce, then put cheddar, onion, tomato and rucola leaves. All this cover with bun and taste it.

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