Urvinio kepsnys „poivre“ stiliumi – STEAK SUPPLY
Pipirinis kepsnys

Urvinio kepsnys „poivre“ stiliumi

Rib eye bone in from ‘Steak Supply’
Kampot pepper

Grind well Kampot pepper and salt with a stone and rub the steak with so-chopped spices.

Then in a small ravine, lined with stones, burn an armful of torrid deciduous firewood.

Ventilate the embers, remove ashes with the air stream and place the roast.

Roast meat inverting and constantly maintaining heat and ventilating coals for about 15 minutes. Let the roasted meat rest for a few minutes.

Then – slice it, if you want – season it and hurry to taste! Gourmets know that the tastiest – at the bone!

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